Rheem Manufacturing   masters of air and water

Rheem Manufacturing  is  the  only  manufacturer in  the  world  that  produces  heating,  cooling,  water heating,  pool/spa  heating,  and  commercial  refrigeration  products.   It is the  largest  manufacturer  of water heating products in North America.

This component of the company sought to create a new facility that would: Be an effective tool enabling more meaningful customer collaboration, with real-time hands-on demonstration and problem solving; an interactive showcase of the Company’s forward thinking and innovative new products; and would celebrate and facilitate a new transformative culture within the co-located business units coming together for the first time in the new Rheem Water Division Headquarters.

IDEA|SPAN’s design provides a dynamic workplace, training, and customer solutions experience that facilitates success in support of evolving product technology, user interface, customer demographic, brand and company culture. - encouraging down-stream acceptance of more sophisticated products and technologies. This interactive facility is a key tool in enabling Rheem’s evolution from an engineering-based product company to an end-user focused company: A Company evolving from a wholesale to a retail strategy.

On entry to the Division Headquarters, the product showroom, customer solutions, and training center is in full view …and enticing.   Trainees begin the day at the large ”campfire” table for bagels, coffee and team bonding. The adjacent large matrix AV screen serves to introduce the day’s agenda, the company, products and services.

Products are physically displayed nearby on multiple “display platforms” for interactive instructional information and hands-on introduction to products. Hospitality bars flank the space for breakfast, snacks, and lunch service throughout the training day; Trainees experience a hands-on “live-fire” lab where products are taken apart and reassembled and where trouble-shooting exercises can occur:  and a glass-enclosed training room completes the experience.

The new workplace provides more efficient and collaborative work processes that promote a transition from departmental to cross-functional teams. A sense of community is supported with integrated come-together spaces including a “kickass” breakroom.

“The new space is stimulating, inspiring, and welcoming… There is a WOW factor that is uniquely Rheem …  the experience teaches you something… and you go away talking about it!  …a dynamic space that promotes the brand, attracts the best and brightest, and is aligned with the vision the Company has for the future.”