Novelis   lighter, brighter, better

“Extraordinary innovation accelerates our partner’s ability to succeed.” Novelis is the undisputed global leader in rolled aluminum products and recycling. Trusted partner of some of the world’s most recognized brands like Coca-Cola, Ford, and Samsung, Novelis collaborates with customers to reimagine aluminum’s role in their products and provide rapid, adaptive solution for any manufacturing challenge. At a transformational point in the company’s growth and positioning, Novelis was “moving from a manufacturing company to a technology company”.

With an emphasis on connecting global resources, unifying culture, and leveraging expertise this project brought together Novellis’ Global headquarters and North American headquarters in a new 125,000 SF workplace, at a premier Atlanta address.

IDEA|SPAN’s enduring partnership with Novelis began with this project, interpreted their vision into an evocative environment to accelerate their reboot. “Few people in the world come close to doing what we do- the space should reflect that.”  We developed a holistic expression of their brand and positioning to attract the dynamic team they sought, locally and globally, to build an innovative, result-oriented culture.

The “wow” factor begins at arrival, with a soaring volume, open, interconnecting stair, a hub of glass collaborative settings and sightlines into a glowing Customer Solution Center.  The use of aluminum, a sleek, machined aesthetic and abundant daylight are tangible expressions of the Novelis tagline: “Lighter, Brighter, Better”.

Novelis IT Center of Excellence, Atlanta, GA—49,000 SF

IDEA|SPAN’s design concept encourages flow within the facility, offering unique “draw points” such as a centrally located community lounge with stocked snacks and game room.  To promote a strong team vibe, we focused on visual openness using lots of glass and equitable, flexible space allocations, allowing teams to reconfigure themselves. A mix of collaborative settings, all with integrated technology, link global colleagues seamlessly, reinforcing “a sense of being part of the whole, of something bigger.”  We located Novelis’ Global Leadership Center, that welcomes high potential team members from around the world, adjacent to the executive team, sending a clear message: there’s “no ivory tower”. IDEA|SPAN delivered on Novelis goal: “We want a workplace that makes people feel, “I want to be a part of this.”

Novelis Global Research & Technology Center, Atlanta, GA—40,000 SF

We believe in the power of Partnership:

  • Novelis Global Headquarters, Atlanta, GA 125,000 SF
  • Novelis Global Research & Technology Center, Atlanta, GA 40,000 SF
  • Novelis IT Center of Excellence, Atlanta, GA 49,000SF
  • Novelis European Regional Offices, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Novelis North American Automotive Sales, Novi, MI, 20,000 SF