Delta Air Lines    welcome aboard

DELTA AIR LINES recognizes that their strength lies in their people

Delta saw a need on their corporate campus to provide a new arrival lobby to inspire and connect team members and visitors to an expanded café, employee services, and workplace.

IDEA|SPAN created a dynamic new destination experience focused on employees.  We re-energized the lobby arrival to welcome and encourage meet-and-greet with team members and visitors by enhancing the connection between the lobby, café, employee services, and office program, including a new open stair linking floors above. We doubled the seating capacity for the café within the current building foot-print, linked interior to outdoor space, and provided 5 food service brands to enhance the food and beverage choices.

The new Woolman Cafe references the hospitality experience provided by Delta to its customers and provides a similar experience to Delta employees. When you step into this bustling new environment you are energized and nourished. It is an active hub with different destinations, zones, and personalities within the café which lends a quality of urban neighborhoods to the experience. It is at-once lively, refreshing, nourishing, energetic, subdued and supportive of social and work interaction.  The fresh design is honest in material usage and unexpectedly fun. These spaces come to life and create an atmosphere that is bright, dynamic, and with a “WOW factor” that promotes the Delta community culture and invites employees to meet, refresh and recharge - a positive influence on all who encounter the community here.

These reinvigorated spaces visually express aspects of the airline’s image as well as the engineering heritage of the company. Metal, organic wood, concrete-like floor tiles and exposed structure are juxtaposed to brilliant white ceiling planes that feature imbedded linear lighting referencing the route connections to Delta destinations. Elements throughout the space celebrate the Delta brand and story and provide a unique sense of place, pride and inspiration to the Delta community.

Welcome Aboard.