The Coca-Cola Company   a recognized global innovator

Their IT team’s mission is to use technology to foster and support this creative engine, relentlessly looking forward and staying miles ahead. To enhance their performance, The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Refreshment decided to integrate their IT teams. Code named Project Marathon the race was on to bring together over 2,000 IT experts in a new 275,000 SF workplace, tailored to their IT centric culture, work processes and people: completing design and construction in 12 months.

IDEA|SPAN was up for the run! By identifying real estate drivers, cultural drivers, and organizational drivers we quickly created a roadmap for decision making, so key to this type of projects’ success. By peer benchmarking other IT specific organizations, we developed a new approach to space allocation. We engaged their people to understand what they need to work most effectively and what “extras” they would value. Coming together was all about innovating, showcasing expertise, leading by example and feeling the magic of the Coke brand.

IDEA|SPAN proposed a workplace strategy to introduce “free address” for a percentage of Coke’s employees and contractors. Aligned with their goals of mobility, flexibility, and personal choice, as part of this approach, we developed diverse settings to touch-down, go heads-down, or interact and share. Robust Wi-Fi was a must and technology is ubiquitous.

Connection” is a focus of the design concept. Coke’s IT size, mobility, and fluid team structures, combined with the building’s 100,000 SF floorplate, interior atrium, multiple entry points and multiple floors, could have become impersonal. IDEA|SPAN located Coke cafes and live-work lounges at primary arrivals points, so you are welcomed into a vibrant hub. Food was a top priority so these are planned for gatherings. Glass enhances visual connectivity throughout the space and into the atrium. Ringing each level at the atrium is a walking track, creating energy and community, while getting your steps.

To make the environment easy to use and navigate, open, semi-open and enclosed zones radiate inward from the window wall on each floor, creating a light filled primary work zone. Individual focused work happens here in a benching format, as well as spontaneous and over-the-shoulder collaboration. Mobile whiteboards and furniture let teams shape their space to accelerate the work at hand. Interspersed are semi-open collaborative venues so teams can quickly move to a more focused setting. Playing on the Coke brand, these venues, the Cooler, the Igloo and the Koozie, are fun icons that celebrate the Coke story and help create neighborhoods.  Fully enclosed labs, team rooms and formal video conference rooms wrap the atrium in a more sheltered, but daylight filled location.

A loft like, urban vibe, the use of Coke’s energetic family of brand colors, and a palette of diverse places create the informal, comfortable atmosphere the IT team thrives in -

It’s a place that empowers their work and sends the right message when recruiting talent.