This is us.

We believe in the power of design.

We approach each project with fresh eyes, active curiosity and an innate enthusiasm that comes from doing what you love. We are passionate about creating environments that impact people; enrich experience, enable achievement, foster community, and inspire ideas.

We want to get to know our Clients in a meaningful way.

Understanding enables us to design a workplace tailored to who they are and what they are working to achieve together. We foster dialogue to discover the nature of the project and develop a roadmap for the journey.

We understand that both a great process and amazing results count.

A great user experience is intrinsic to a high-quality project. Fully understanding the project context, challenges, and opportunities for connection are key to delivering quality.

We value diverse perspectives and champion flexible thinking.

We thrive on collaboration with our clients and teammates. Design concepts evolve and grow through a fluid process of brainstorming, visualizing, critique, and refinement.

We deliver smart solutions, with staying power.

We’re driven to understand what’s next, as the “workplace” is relentlessly redefined. Research and data, with an eye to emerging trends, inspires our work. We help you look forward. to optimizing workplace adaptability and your investment, over time. No crystal ball required.

Execution is the name of the game.

Responsiveness, project knowledge and our relationships work together on our Client’s behalf. Months of effort, from many people, results an accurate and efficient project delivery in the field. Steel toe shoes may come into play.

Meet the Leadership

Charles Warren


Tim Caputo

Associate Principal

Adriana Acosta

Senior Designer

Ashley Harkins


We believe in the power of partnership.